About US

We help publishers by facilitating to their readers the discovery of interesting content.

It’s not about the ads! It’s about the user experience and what happens after the click. It’s about making people stick around longer, viewing more content, sharing links, and responding to calls-to-action. Market Place surfaces the content that is most likely to keep visitors engaged by laser targeting highly engaged users. Market Place’s personalized content is served within a customizable on-page widget that is highly optimized to deliver unmatched CTR rates and post-click engagement metrics.

Satisfied Publishers

What’s in it for Publishers

Make Money

Generate revenues like a premium brand with healthy rev share model and high CPM for high trafficked and high quality publishers.

Increase / Enhance

Increase your time on site, reduce your bounce rate, and enhance your user experience with engaging content

Cross Promote

Cross promotion option for publishers with more than one website, so you can drive traffic amongst your websites.


Customize and install our widget to your own needs, with simple integration that will keep your website’s pages looking natural and organic.


Boost your social presence by providing your Facebook Fan Page as a post. a great way to expose readers to your social voice and increase your fan base.

what’s in it for Advertisers

Build Audience

Build high-quality audiences from MENA’s leading publishers and Reach millions of engaged users on desktops and all mobile devices.

Geo Targeting

Geo-target your own markets. Target specific MENA country OR target a range of MENA markets as well as vertical targeting by topic,interest and sub location.

Cost Effective

Affordable exposure and cost effective. Pay only for performance by cost-per-click CPC model starting from $100/day budget.


Powerful optimization for your ads, based on your headlines and images effectiveness and your CPC bids. So rest assure you’ll get the most out of it.


Great reporting tool and dashboards get you up and running quickly and track each piece of content with almost real-time reporting.